Nicole Tesar

In November 2013, after 16 years in the corporate world (Pharmaceutical and Biotech Research) I left my full time position.  Although I still enjoy consulting in Oncology and Rare Disease Research, I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Fitness Coach and Wellness Advocate.

It is my ongoing intention to assist others in reaching their full potential through the practice of yoga, fitness, wellness and the realization of empowerment. I want to be a teacher that shows my students the way, but doesn’t tell them what to see.

By trade, I am a researcher so I find myself researching EVERYTHING. My interest in holistic health and wellness began 22 years ago when my mother treated a headache I had with homeopathic medicine. She was a massage therapist at the time, and learning about how to holistically treat aliments. All I remember is that it worked, and I was very intrigued at the concept of using something other than western medicine to treat illness. Throughout my life I have found myself constantly gravitating toward anything health and wellness related. I love anything to do with yoga, fitness, whole foods, organic living and experiencing the most abundant life possible in every way.

Certified Personal Trainer and NPC Figure Competitor

My journey with weight training began in 2000 after having my daughter.  I was running quite a bit, but was looking to “tighten up and tone” as well.  I started doing some light weight training and enjoyed it, but yoga and running were still my go to fitness activities until I met my husband Paul in 2003.  An Avid weight lifter and former natural bodybuilding competitor, my husband encouraged and inspired me to take my strength training to the next level.  I started lifting heavier weight and saw noticeable changes in my body in a short period of time.

In 2010, Paul decided to re-enter the competitive world of natural bodybuilding. The day I first watched him compete, I knew I wanted to try it.  It was a “bucket list” item for me to compete with him in 1 show.  I did that 1 show, and now 6 more (National Qualifier 2012, 2013 and 2015).  That was over 3  years ago. Natural bodybuilding is an extremely empowering sport. It is not just about being “judged” on your body. You rely on no one else to get your workouts in, keep your diet clean, practice posing etc. to prepare for a show.  I have found that just stepping on stage and feeling like I have given it my absolute best is incredibly rewarding, however I don’t believe you have to compete to feel that level of accomplishment.

200hr Certified and Registered Yoga Teacher

I began my journey with Yoga in 2001. Like many others, I admit, I did not start taking yoga classes to clear my mind, transcend into some more powerful place in the world, or in attempt to reach enlightenment. I started yoga for purely physical reasons. I was a runner with a tight lower back and hamstrings and thought it would be good to “stretch”. It only took a couple of classes to realize I was doing far more than stretching out my body. In finding quiet and stillness, I also found an inner strength and an intuition that had been missing. I was also stretching my MIND. Through the years, yoga has also taught me patience. For much of my life I have been “go, go, go”. Faster, Harder, More… striving, reaching. In yoga, we have to learn to SLOW DOWN, practice patience with ourselves and patience in the poses. It has taught me to not think so much about where I am headed, but where I am right now. Enjoying the journey to get there. In my 13 years of practice (Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Styles) I have found that although physical fitness goals were what brought me to the mat, inspiration, contemplation and healing are what have made me stay and consistently strive to grow my practice. I know now that more than “Looking Strong”, I “Feel Strong”. There is such a sense of power when you master an arm balance you could never do before. A strength that first comes as arm balances actually manifests in wisdom and insight.

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Certified Raw Trainer

Teaching others how to live the ultimate Holistic Lifestyle!

When people are considering working with me and learn I am a Certified Raw Trainer, the first question I get is….Do I have to eat 100% raw or vegan? Absolutely not. Most of my clients are people who just want to eat healthier and incorporate more raw food nutrition into their diets. I will teach you the science behind the food so that you can make informed decisions and create your own healthy lifestyle.

Approved Distributor

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