This blog is a place where I share what I have learned about living a life with PASSION, a healthy, balanced and full life.  Here you will find not only tips on training, nutrition and yoga practices, but this is also a place where I share stories and allow others to get to know “me”, my heart, my authentic spirit, and maybe find a bit of inspiration, a laugh, a cry….  This blog is my safe place where I get to share.  In some ways, this blog is like my journal.

I began journaling in 1997 at a time that I was really struggling. I had lost grasp of who I really was, and felt very numb.  I discovered that writing re-connected me with my heart and my spirit.


For most of my life I have had lived with pictures in my mind of what it will look like when I find true happiness. These pictures that I held were often "things" or "accomplishments" that I wanted.  Like many, I told myself that when I get this promotion, I will be happy....... Read more

"When there is silence one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself" Lao Tzu Yesterday I taught my first Teen Yoga Class at the studio.  I decided that to end the practice, I would lead them through a guided meditation rather than leave them in Savasana for 5-7min as I do for... Read more

The people in my life who know me best, know that if I could have any season year round, it would be fall. The feel of that first crisp breeze, the time of year when the world becomes the canvas for natures paintbrush. All of it, the Fall foliage, sweater weather, Halloween, Hot Apple... Read more

You can catch me throughout the week teaching a variety of classes at... Read more

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