Mass Amino Acids


Mass Amino Acids is an advanced amino acid nitrogen technology used by natural physique athletes to support the building and preservation of lean muscle mass

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Distinguishing features:

  • Contains peptide-bonded amino acids (PBAAs)(provided by partially hydrolyzed protein) ranging from di- and tripeptides to peptides of 4-8 amino acids in length, plus free amino acids and intact protein.
  • Possesses an amino nitrogen to total nitrogen ratio of at least 0.31. This is an indicator of superior quality.
  • Supplies all amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis.*

For maximum results:

  • Take 1 tablet per 10 lb of bodyweight per day.
  • Divide your daily allotment of tablets into smaller doses.
  • Take each dose with meals and while working out.
  • Example: A 180-lb athlete would take 18 tablets per day. This allotment might be divided into 4 tablets with each of 3 meals (12 tablets total) plus 6 tablets while working out.
  • Combine with Ultra 40 100% Argentine Beef Liver tablets. 

What other brand has been used by natural physique athletes since 1967?

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